Welcome message from the President

Dear Guest!

Déry Márta

The outstanding idea called Soroptimism dating back to 1921 reached Hungary rapidly and the first Hungarian Soroptimist Club was founded on May 17, 1928 in Budapest. After the years of prohibition during the previous regime,  along with the awakening of  the civil society, Soroptimism was reborn on January 19, 1991. Since then, the local  Soroptimist Sisters perform our uplifting work from the heart of Europe, being in almost daily contact with American, African, Australian and other European sister clubs.

The international background is an important factor in our activities: the mutual interest, the friendly comprehension, and the international meetings all reinforce the feeling that our planet is a livable home for all of us and we are able to preserve and shape it to become a better place.

Our slogan “Global voice for women” expresses our objective, as well as our conscious will to protect values and help those in need. I believe that improving the status and lives of women is key to improve the situation of families and that of the whole society.

The female energy and charisma as well as the pulse of their hearts color our lives while incorporate and represent remarkable human values..

I fullheartedly recommend our website and the information about our Club published here to your attention. Please join us to improve women’s lives together.

Kind regards,

Marta Déry

President of the Budapest Soroptimist Club